Encyclopedia of human body systems
Encyclopedia of human body systems
Encyclopedia of human body systems
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Type: eBook
Released: 2010
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Page Count: 751
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0313391750
ISBN-13: 9780313391750


"Recommended for high schools or public libraries seeking an introductory reference book for their collections in this specific area."


Library Journal

"The writing is accessible, and the explanations would be easy for even the general reader with no background knowledge on the topic to understand…This resource would be of interest to browsers as well as to students studying science and health topics. It would be a useful addition to high-school or public libraries."



"This two-volume set offers readers a concise description of the structure and function of 11 body systems. Sections

explain each system's anatomy, cellular chemistry, and organization, together with its relationship to the other body

systems. Good writing makes it easy for readers to understand the various systems, and ample tables and line

drawings supplement the text. …Recommended"



Book Description

Our physical bodies have attributes and capabilities that are truly amazing. Would you believe there are about 100,000 miles of myelinated nerve fibers in your brain, or that you'll shed roughly 40 pounds of skin in your lifetime? Even after centuries of study, some higher-level functions of the human body are still not completely understood.

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