The Strange Career of the Black Athlete: African Americans and Sports
The Strange Career of the Black Athlete: African Americans and Sports
The Strange Career of the Black Athlete: African Americans and Sports
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Released: 2006
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ISBN-10: 0275982238
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"[T]he strange career of the black athlete is no stranger than the African American experience in general. There is racism; there are African Americans, like Joe Louis, who have been accepted by the white majority at least in part because their demeanor was nonthreatening; and there are those, like Jack Johnson, who have been rejected because they rocked the racial boat a bit too much. Wigginton's short book concentrates on two or three African American athletes from three different eras spanning the years 1892 to the present. He also includes chapters devoted to African American participation in traditionally white sports (e.g., hockey, golf, tennis) and African American women athletes….[a] thoughtful study and should be a valuable purchase for large public and academic libraries."


Library Journal

"Wigginton considers the history of African Americans in sports, focusing on those that have not sustained integration attempts: horse racing, golf, hockey, and tennis; how black athletes have been categorized as heroes or villains, specifically William Henry Lewis, Paul Robeson, and Jack Johnson; athletes and their achievements during the civil rights movement; and African American women in sports."


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"Wigginton presents a brief exploration of the sometimes-tumultuous rise of the black athlete in the US, especially as the 20th century developed. Individual chapters explore the role of black athletes in so-called white sports; the tendency, especially among whites, to classify black athletes as either heroes or villains; the role of black athletes in the civil rights era and beyond; and the role of African American women in sports. He most frequently takes a biographical approach, allowing the experiences of various figures to exemplify particular issues and experiences. This approach serves him well and allows him to place African American athletes--both prominent and less-known but still important--within a larger historical context in imaginative ways….[r]eadable, insightful, and a welcome addition to the literature on race and sports. Recommended. All readers; all levels."




"The Strange Career of the Black Athlete is an important contribution to our continuous struggle to understand and reconcile our nation's racial past. Wigginton highlights how many African American athletes jeopardized their promising careers and joined up with countless others who dared to fight for social, political, and economic freedom. Scholars, students, and engaged citizens interested in human rights and justice issues will appreciate this book."


Beverly Robertson, President, National Civil Rights Museum


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