Chronicles - Volume One
Chronicles - Volume One
Chronicles - Volume One
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Eschewing chronology and  skipping over most of the "highlights" that his many biographers have  assigned him, Dylan drifts and rambles through his tale, amplifying a  series of major and minor epiphanies. If you're interested in a  behind-the-scenes look at his encounters with the Beatles,  look elsewhere. Dylan describes the sensation of hearing the group's  "Do You Want to Know a Secret" on the radio, but devotes far more ink to  a Louisiana shopkeeper named Sun Pie, who tells him, "I think all the  good in the world might already been done" and sells him a World's  Greatest Grandpa bumper sticker. Dylan certainly sticks to his own  agenda--a newspaper article about journeymen heavyweights Jerry Quarry  and Jimmy Ellis and soul singer Joe Tex's appearance on The Tonight Show inspire heartfelt musings, and yet the 1963 assassination of John  Kennedy prompts nary a word from the era's greatest protest singer.

For all the small revelations (it turns out he's been a big fan of Barry Goldwater, Mickey Rourke, and Ice-T),  there are eye-opening disclosures, including his confession that a  large portion of his recorded output was designed to alienate his  audience and free him from the burden of being a "the voice of a  generation."

Off the beaten path as it is, Chronicles is nevertheless an astonishing achievement. As revelatory in its own way  as Blonde on Blonde or Highway 61 Revisited, it provides ephemeral  insights into the mind one of the most significant artistic voices of  the 20th century while creating a completely new set of mysteries. --Steven Stolder --This text refers to the      Hardcover edition.

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