Blood Work
Blood Work
Blood Work
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"Blood Work" -- that's what Terrell McCaleb used to call his job at the FBI. Until a heart condition forced him to take early retirement, he headed all investigations of serial murders in the Los Angeles area. Now he is recovering from a heart transplant operation and leads a quiet life. But McCaleb's calm seas turn rough when a story in the "L.A. Times" brings him face-to-face with Graciela Rivers, a darkly intriguing woman who hooks him with the story of her sister's unsolved murder. Against doctor's orders and his own better judgement, McCaleb agrees to take up the case. Soon Terry is on the trail of a killer whose crimes are more baffling and horrifying than anything he has ever encountered. It's a mind-bending, breakneck case that leads McCaleb into the darkest place he's ever known, unsure whether he even wants to survive his own investigation.

Sturmey Archer | 4 out of 5 Stars!

It must be hard to write a crime novel. It's all about surprising twists to the story. But with so many books in the genre published year in and year out, it must be nearly impossible to come up with an idea that hasn't already been used. For that reason I give Connelly high marks for the plot device by which Terry McCaleb is induced into taking on the case in Blood Work. It's an interesting story since the investigator/protagonist has no official standing. He's not a police officer, not a lawyer, not a private investigator. He's a retiree, albeit with a helpful friend on the police force. But that's counterbalanced by enemies.

Connelly knows LA well and mixes in locale with surprising twists and turns to propel the story with enough energy to keep things interesting. Reading this in 2011 though, it is charmingly anachronistic. It's not old enough to be a period piece, but it's new enough that it feels awkward the way the characters don't have mobile phones to communicate. They're always looking for phone booths to make a phone call!

Jagerfoods | 4 out of 5 Stars!

How do you capitalize on your previous job experience? You write about it!

Michael Connelly books have mesmerized readers with his working knowledge

of the California Law Enforcement community. Not even some of his main characters are saved from the evil that lurks there. My thoguht is: If once you delve into his world of characters, and you don't find yourself fully engaged, you might want to check your sanity.

Joseph Landes | 4 out of 5 Stars!

A new hero in Blood Works -a former FBI profiler whose vast knowledge of serial killers is at the heart of this suspenseful novel.Living on a boat in the Los Angeles area, McCaleb is living in retirement following a very recent heart transplant.A visit from Gracielea Rivers changes his relaxed daily routine into an intense search for the vicious murderer of Graciela's sister, Glory.With much opposition from the police and FBI, as well as from his doctor, and several false starts, road blocks, and dead ends, McCaleb pursues the killer.

Looking at the LAPD paperwork and crime scene tapes, McCaleb is sure that law enforcement came to wrong conclusions.Enough said at the risk of giving away any of the twists and turns that make this novel so suspenseful and make this character one that we hope to meet up with again.

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