The Woods
The Woods
The Woods
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Twenty years ago, Paul Copeland lost his only sister when four teenagers disappeared from the woods near summer camp when he should have been watching out for them.O None were ever seen again.O Now his life has been thrown into turmoil when a dead body turns at the morgue. It is the grown-up corpse of one of the missing boys from two decades ago. The question is: could his sister still be alive? And can he find absolution?O Once again Harlan Coben delivers his unique mix of powerful characters, lightning pace and twists in a stunning new novel about family, lost secrets and mistakes that can haunt a life forever.

Amy | 4 out of 5 Stars!

CD/abridged: I am beginning to think I like to being tricked when it comes to who-done-its.

Cope and his sister were teens at summer camp when a horrific murder happened in the woods. His sister's body was never found and he became a prosecutor. The story parallels between a rape trial and finding answers to the over decade old murder. There ends up being more questions. Cope reunites with his former summer love, a woman who was mentally scarred after the night of the murders. I recommend this.

oddsfish | 4 out of 5 Stars!

I've had trouble reviewing this one because, in a way, I have two experiences of it.

First, I was listening to the audio book version of the novel, and it absolutely hooked me. Coben, as he typically does, has balanced multiple story lines up against one another. In the first, Cope, a district attorney on the rise (he's pretty well Myron Bolitar rewritten as a prosecutor--it works), is trying to wealthy frat-boys who raped a stripper at one of their parties. Their parents and lawyers will do anything to save their sons. They are evil dudes, and the victim is appealing, and so this trial is immediately gripping. That first narrative sits parallel, and is linked thematically, to the second, and main, one. Cope once attended a summer camp in which two teens ended up murdered and two other teens, including Cope's sister, ended up missing. Now, decades later, the night that has haunted him for so long has begun to resurface. The second of the missing teens, presumed dead, seems to have shown up murdered. And Cope's girlfriend from the time contacts him. I expected The Woods to be pretty silly, but compelling, fluff, and it delivered. There are a lot of unanswered questions that you want answered, and the narrative is well-paced, suspenseful, and funny. I was immersed enough as I was driving and listening to the story that I momentarily stopped paying enough attention and got myself a speeding ticket (which never happens to me).

So, I loved everything...until the very end. Once again, I expect reality to be stretched when I read or listen to a story like this, and I am quite willing to suspend disbelief a long way. Coben tried to tie everything up. And I think a lot of readers would be satisfied narrated by Scott Brick, runs at 12 ½ hours, and I totally enjoyed it for a good 11 of them. It was a good experience, all in all, and I do think that I'll be willing to give Coben's other, hopefully a little more sensible, books a try.

Kellie | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is the first Harlan Coben book I've ever read and I wasn't disappointed.The Woods kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I never wanted to put it down.It was a great mystery/thriller that kept my interest and me wanting more.

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